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Below is a list of news articles that we've found highlight the advancement of art and the use of art to build business and help the community.

Why all parents should care about arts education- When we think about "the arts," often we go huge: the Louvre, Broadway, Swan Lake, Picasso. Perhaps without even realizing it, though, many parents instinctively know the value of the arts and incorporate them into our children's lives in much smaller ways.

Science Says Art Will Make Your Kids Better Thinkers (and Nicer People)- a new study supports our hunch that kids who are exposed to the arts gain benefits beyond just being "more creative." Those who would consider themselves part of the creative

Help Your Child Learn Through Creativity: During his first year of preschool, my 3-year-old spent every morning drawing. While the other kids

Why art is becoming part of doctors' education at Virginia Mason in Seattle- One afternoon earlier this month, a group of Virginia Mason doctors huddled, discussing a

Art is Good for Business- When companies are awash in cash, as many U.S. companies are following the US$1.5 trillion tax cut in December 2017, their tendency is to stick with the comfortable

Let's keep the 'A' in 'STEAM': The importance of the arts in our schools- Who's got talent?  High school students, that's who! Not long ago, we were absolutely blown away by the talent and

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$2 Million Funding Increase Proposed! - On the evening of May 15, the U.S House Interior Appropriations Subcommittee met to advance legislation to fund our cultural agencies, including the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) and the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH).

We have great news!  Under the leadership of Chairman Ken Calvert (R-CA) and Ranking Member Betty McCollum (D-MN), both the NEA and the NEH are proposed at $155 million for FY 2019!

Arts degree key to technology sector success- The talk has shifted to the importance of the education sector bringing together the arts with science,

The Big Picture: Arts education can boost literacy, other skills The Big Picture: Creativity can boost literacy, other skills - It’s all about the big picture: The arts aren’t just the arts, they help children in all areas of learning. 

That’s the belief of the Indiana Art Commission, Indiana State University’s Community School of the Arts and educators at Meadows Elementary School in Terre Haute.

Preserving the Early Excitement of STEAM- STEAM education (science, technology, engineering, the arts,and math) encourages investigation, hands-on learning,

Wilmette art student's work influenced by bond with brother who has autism- Like scenes from home movies or pages of a photo album, Annabelle Gross' artwork explores childhood

How Art Therapy is Helping Children with Autism Express Themselves- For Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), art can be an

What Happens to Student Behavior When Schools Prioritize Art: There's more room to make changes within the current education system than many people think.  Schools

Reconnecting art and science classroom- Today, economic and social growth is driven by disruption. New approaches displace the old with breathtaking speed.

Finding their voices: Arts grant helps young women in state custody gain confidence- Every Monday, artist Tony Jones comes to the squat, institiutional-looking building, its bland


How Arts Education Teaches Kids to Learn From Failure- Schools are beginning to recognize that arts education is not

How to Teach Art to Kids, According to Mark Rothko- If you've ever seen Mark Rothko's paintings- large canvases filled with fields of

Art therapists Provide Art Therapy in Many Different Places- Art therapy is provided in many different settings. Sometimes it's in a

What To Tell Parents Who Say Art Doesn't Matter: Have you ever come across a parent who tries to belittle art? Perhaps it's in the middle

8 Ways the Arts Can Boost Your Local Economy- The arts and culture sector is often looked at through a very narrow lens. Theatre productions, museum exhibitions and symphony orchestras typically

How Making Art Helps Teens Better Understand Their Mental Health:The benefits of art in a child's education are widespread. Art can help kids

How 'Artful Thinking' Can Improve Your Visual Intelligence- A recent study from the University of Pennsylvania shows how principles from the field of visual

ARTS-RICH PRESCHOOL READIES KIDS FOR LEARNING- Preschools have a single, all-important mission: getting kids ready to learn. Students should emerge

Arts Alumni give back to their communities, IU survey finds-Individuals with arts degrees are engaged with the arts in their

How Art is Helping Veterans Overcome PTSD-  Approximately 2.6 million United States service members were deployed to serve in the military from 2001 to 2011, during the period

What Is Art Therapy? And How Is It Helping People? - On Wednesday morning, Second Lady Karen Pence held a press conference at Florida State University to outline how and why she will promote art therapy in the United States during her time in the White House. Her platform, officially known as Art Therapy: Healing with the HeART, aims to help Americans understand and access the benefits of art therapy and to stimulate interest among young people to pursue careers in the field.

“From children with cancer to struggling teens to grieving families to people with autism, to military service members experiencing Post Traumatic Stress Disorder to those with eating disorders…art therapy is changing lives and it is saving lives,” Pence said.

8 Things That Happen In Kids' Brains When Arts Funding Gets Cut- In a culture obsessed with test scores, it's easy to lose sight of the fact that

Their View: Stars of Light group uses arts to educate about mental illness: Inspiration - that's how we would describe...

Picture this: Using Art to Explore Math (and Math to Create Art)-It's easy to view art and math as completely separate subjects. Right brain vs. left brain.

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