Why Art Matters

Fact of the Week #188: A growing body of evidence indicates that providing Service members and Veterans with opportunities to express themselves and share their...WarriorCare Poster

Fact of the Week #187: The arts have been shown to amplify the uptake of pro-environmental messaging and to improve the clarity and impact of the message. www.americansforthearts.org

Fact of the Week #186: Art enhances communication. Findings from a Harvard University study reveal that because art elicits an emotional response,... www.workspaceart.com

Fact of the Week #185: Nearly three-quarters of Americans (72 percent) say they attended an arts or cultural event during the previous year, such as the theater, museum, zoo, or a musical performance. blog.americansforthearts.org

Fact of the Week #184: Goals of creative placemaking investments are associated with GDP growth. Cities with high...nasaa-arts.org

Art In U.S. News

Looking at Art could Help Med Students Become Better Doctors- For decades, humanities and arts classes have been offered to medical students, in attempts to help them maintain empathy and develop skills necessary to accurately diagnose their future patients. www.artsy.net

Why Teaching Art Is Teaching Character- It was 1402, and the ruins on the outskirts of Rome were to be avoided at all cost. www.theepoochtimes.com

Teaching kids about the arts helps develop their social, emotional skills- When you introduce your children to museums, dance and theater, you're exposing them to more than just a fun extracurricular activity, you're introducing them...www.miamiherald.com

5 1/2 Things That Americans Are Saying About The Arts- One of the nonprofit organizations I support and volunteer with is Americans for the Arts, a national advocacy and membership organization.  AFTA has recently published its latest public opinion survey...www.forbes.com

Art in Canada News

Canadian Art Gallery Attendance Continues to Grow- A new study released today has some promising information for art galleries in Canada. Funded by...www.canadianart.ca


2018 Arts Day Recap - On Tuesday, October 2nd, 2018, over 100 arts advocates from across Canada traveled to Parliament Hill to deliver the messages of the Canadian Arts Coalition and to encourage continued investment to our vibrant and creative sector. Teams of advocates met with Parliamentarians in order to have productive discussions about our growing industry while expressing our specific and current needs from the Minister of Canadian Heritage and the Minister of Finance. www.canadianartscoalition.com/2018-arts-day-recap/www.canadianartscoalition.comwww.canadianartscoalition.com

Canada Needs New Museum Policy and Funding : Report- The Standing Committee on Canadian Heritage calls on the federal government to respond to urgent needs in the museum sector. www.canadianart.ca

How Do the Latest Federal Culture Funds Actually Break Down? - On June 26, Canadian Heritage Minister Mélanie Joly announced $125 million in new funding for culture in Canada—including the launch of Creative Export Canada, “a new funding program that will help global creators stand out in the global market,” the PR promised.

After the initial flurry of media attention on the funding, key questions remained: How does that new federal money actually break down? And what are the consequences, if any, for contemporary art and related businesses such as private art galleries and dealers? These factors were difficult to parse in initial releases, which highlighted “music, film, books, video games [and]virtual and augmented reality or design” as possible beneficiaries of the plan, as well as assisting “small and medium-sized businesses” in particular—but not once mentioning contemporary art. canadianart.ca

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