Why Art Matters

Fact of the Week #183: The high arts-involved students watched fewer hours...artsforlifeaward.org

Fact of the Week #182: Using art forms as a pedagogical tool in teaching other subjects-known as arts integration- is showing promise...edweek.org

Fact of the Week #181: "The strongest and most consistent evidence...hillstrategies.com

Fact of the Week #180: Mask making for Active-duty military service members' with PTSD and TBI offered visual representations of the self related to individual personhood, relationships, community, and society. ncbi.nlm.nih.gov

Fact of the Week #179: Long term mentoring has many proven benefits, increased confidence & self esteem, children are more likely to attend college...American for the Arts Blog

Art In U.S. News

Drawing is the Best Way to Learn, even if you're no Leonardo Da Vinci- "I just can't draw." It's a refrain most adults say when confronted with a blank piece of paper. www.qz.com

ARTS INTEGRATION IMPROVES SCHOOL CULTURE AND STUDENT SUCCESS- The arts are not optional. That's the message L. Earl Franks, executive director of the National Association of Elementary School Principals, conveyed to a recent gathering of the Arts Education Partnership. www.naesp.org

Why all parents should care about arts education- When we think about "the arts," often we go huge: the Louvre, Broadway, Swan Lake, Picasso. Perhaps without even realizing it, though, many parents instinctively know the value of the arts and incorporate them into our children's lives in much smaller ways. www.washingtonpost.com

Science Says Art Will Make Your Kids Better Thinkers (and Nicer People)- a new study supports our hunch that kids who are exposed to the arts gain benefits beyond just being "more creative." Those who would consider themselves part of the creative class...www.fastcompany.com

Art in Canada News

How Do the Latest Federal Culture Funds Actually Break Down? - On June 26, Canadian Heritage Minister Mélanie Joly announced $125 million in new funding for culture in Canada—including the launch of Creative Export Canada, “a new funding program that will help global creators stand out in the global market,” the PR promised.

After the initial flurry of media attention on the funding, key questions remained: How does that new federal money actually break down? And what are the consequences, if any, for contemporary art and related businesses such as private art galleries and dealers? These factors were difficult to parse in initial releases, which highlighted “music, film, books, video games [and]virtual and augmented reality or design” as possible beneficiaries of the plan, as well as assisting “small and medium-sized businesses” in particular—but not once mentioning contemporary art. canadianart.ca

News In Brief: Culture Outpaces Sports in Economic Impact, and More- Public art, like 21 Balancoires at Place des Arts in Montreal, is one part of the wide-ranging...www.canadianart.ca

Art that Builds Community- Artists play a leading role in sustaining the vitality of our communities.They bring people together to address..canadacouncil.ca

The Canadian Arts Coalition Makes Recommendations to the Standing Committee on Finance: The Canadian Arts Coalition offers three recommendations for the development..www.canadianartscoalition.com

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