Why Art Matters

Fact of the Week #213: Numerous studies have shown that art and music can help soothe chronic pain, stave off symptoms of dementia...www.nytimes.com

Fact of the Week #212: There are roughly 4.7 million total workers in the broader arts and cultural sectors, artists and non-artists alike. arts.gov

Fact of the Week #211: "Art and culture have the power to lift up what makes a community thrive." www.frbsf.org

Fact of the Week #210: "Because we were an immigrant family and I am first-generation, I always had this imbalance of belonging. I think at first it was the language barrier, not speaking English, but then it started becoming about how I look. Artsy.net

Fact of the Week #209: A large majority of state arts agencies are pursuing at least one program, policy, service or partnership related to serving military and veteran populations through the arts. https://nasaa-arts.org

Art In U.S. News

Making Art is Good For Your Health. Here's How To Start A Habit- Whether it's woodworking, sewing or sculpting teeny cupcakes out of bright purple clay, making art is good for your mind and body. www.npr.org

Another Benefit to going to Museums? You May Live Longer- Researchers in Britain found that people who go to museums, the theater and the opera were less likely to die in the study period than those who didn't. www.nytmes.com

Cultural Education Plan - A Way Of Implementing Children's Rights To Culture And Arts In Finland- Is culture and arts accessible for all children? Are museums, theatres, and concert halls available also for children? These questions are tackled In Finland with a cultural education plan, which is a comprehensive cultural programme designed for pupils. www.creative-generation.org

Transforming a School Through Arts Integration: Structuring a school around the arts can help students excel academically and develop social and emotional skills...www.edutopia.org

Art in Canada News

Artist Speaks Out on Opiod Deaths- The monthly first Friday art Crawl in Peterborough offers the public a chance...canadianart.ca

Estimates of the Direct Economic Impact of Culture in the Territories in 2017- Based on statistics Canada's product perspective, the direct economic impact www.hillstrategies.com

Canada Council Contributes to Respectful Workplaces in the Arts Initiative: In April 2018, the Canada Council made a tangible commitment to fostering healthy, respectful and harassment-free workplaces in the arts...www.canadacouncil.ca

Budget 2019 Will Deliver More Arts Events in Canadian Communities- The  Canadian Arts Coalition (CAC) is please to see the government commit to a $16 million increase of...www.canadianartscoalition.com

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