Art Advocacy Has Never Been More Crucial

Supporting the arts has always been a key objective for NAMTA members but never has Art Advocacy been more crucial than it is today. Study after study has shown that including art-related activities in a child’s education will produce a smarter, more creative and successful student.

Advocating for the arts enhances communities and makes good business sense.

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Visual art engagement varied based on whether the adults lived in a metro or non-metro area.

Numerous studies have shown that art and music can help soothe chronic pain, stave off symptoms of

There are roughly 4.7 million total workers in the broader arts and cultural sectors, artists and non-artists alike.

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Trips to museums are part of many children's education in the United States.

Making Art Is Good For Your Health. Here's How To Start A Habit

Whether it's woodworking, sewing or sculpting teeny cupcakes out of bright purple clay, making art is good for your mind and body.

Another Benefit to Going to Museums? You May Live Longer

Researchers in Britain found that people who go to museums, the theater and the opera were less likely to die in the study period than those who didn't.

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Before opening our store in 2015, I spent 40 years of my life directing community arts centers. Prior to that, I taught college level art for six years. But it was during my arts center years that I advocated for all of the arts for all of the ...

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