Art Advocacy Has Never Been More Crucial

Supporting the arts has always been a key objective for NAMTA members but never has Art Advocacy been more crucial than it is today. Study after study has shown that including art-related activities in a child’s education will produce a smarter, more creative and successful student.

Advocating for the arts enhances communities and makes good business sense.

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Fact of the Week #272

89% of artists and crafters see creating as a way to improve their mental health. From Namta's 2023 Creative Outlook Market Research Study

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Fact of the Week #271

Setting aside time to do crafts with your child is extremely rewarding and beneficial.

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Fact of the Week #270

Art Therapy is used as a way for people to express their feelings and

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Benefits of Creative Hobbies: Exploring Arts and Crafts

"Creative hobbies, such as arts and crafts, provide numerous benefits for individuals of all ages."

6 Developmental Benefits of Crafting and Beading for Children

"Beads, arts and crafts, all of it have developmental benefits for your kids!

Federal Advocacy Updates from Americans for the Arts Action Fund

Finishing up 2022 with good news on the funding for the NEA and a look ahead for 2023. Read what is in store for the

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Namta's First Creativation Alliance for the Arts & Crafts

This year at Creativation by Namta 2023 in Columbus, OH , Namta created an alliance with a local organization called Directions for Youth and Families (DFYF).  Directions improves lives of individuals, families, and communities through counseling, education and support. What better way to do this than through the creative channel. Because of the generosity of several of Namta members, during Creativation by Namta in Columbus, OH a mural which expressed Directions mission was created by participants from the program. This mural will be displayed in Directions new facility.  This was just the first endeavor for Namta to leave its' mark on the community where we came together to celebrate creativity. The collaborative project between Directions and Namta was the first of an on-going initiative for Namta to develop community partnerships in all future Creativation by Namta host cities.


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Namta Sponsored Mid-Carolina Region of the Scholastic Art Awards

Back in February Namta was honored to be a part of the Mid-Carolina Region Scholastic Art Awards.  These young artists received this honor for their talent in the creative industry.  Namta applauded these Gold Key winners and through our sponsorship their works were featured on billboards throughout the Charlotte area. See the winners !

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Make Your Vote Count!

Support the arts and make your vote count - check your state fact sheet - stay informed!

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