About NAMTA Art Advocacy

Supporting the arts has always been a key objective for NAMTA members but never has Art Advocacy been more crucial than it is today.

The economic debacle of the past few years has significantly reduced funding at every level of government and the trickle down impact has seen a wide variety of art-focused education and programs reduced and, in worst cases, eliminated.

Study after study has shown that including art-related activities in a child’s education will produce a smarter, more creative and successful student.

Advocating for the arts enhances every community and it makes good business sense, too.

With this in mind, NAMTA has created this website to help its members find the resources and tools they need to address a wide range of Art Advocacy issues that can develop in their community. NAMTA has partnered with a variety of not-for-profit associations that share NAMTA's objectives and who, too, have devoted significant resources to collect, collate and package Art Advocacy information.

Like NAMTA they, too, believe Art Matters.

As you drill down into these web pages you'll find the facts, tools and resources you need to support the arts both on a national level and in your own communities. If there is information you need but don't find here, let us know. This site is a living document, every day it grows and adjusts to our changing environment.

Finally, we all know that Art Matters and that none of this work can continue to happen without funding.

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Thank you.