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How the Arts Benefit Your Children Academically and Behaviorally

Often underfunded in the past, the arts are gaining a resurgence in support as research show benefits for children academically, along with improvements in behavior and attendance.

How the arts can improve mental health, especially during the pandemic

In more normal times, it may be intuitive that participating in the arts can make you

The art of medical observation

It is a Monday afternoon in a Trinity College seminar room and 12 first-year college medical students are being shown an

Why Science Needs Art

Art is a powerful tool for telling a scientific story. with many scientific fields dealing with the strangest of the animal kingdom-like creatures with a handful of eyes and bodies so different from our own-art can help us experience these hard-to-imagine parts of the natural world and shed light on new scientific discoveries.

Patchwork-Style Animal Murals Raise Awareness of Endangered Species Around the World

The animal kingdom is filled with fascinating species of all shapes and sizes. However, many of these creatures are facing endangerment and even extinction due to the devastating effects of climate change. That is why one artist is using his creative talents to spread awareness for these vulnerable species.

October is National Arts & Humanities Month

October is National Arts & Humanities Month (NAHM)—a coast-to-coast collective recognition of the importance of culture in America. NAHM was launched by Americans for the Arts more than 30 years ago as National Arts Week in honor of the twentieth anniversary of the National Endowment for the Arts. In 1993, it was reestablished by Americans for the Arts and national arts partners as a month-long celebration, with goals. www.americansforthearts

Arts Vote 2020 - Arts Action Fund

Make your vote count. Learn about your state's voter information....

Need a New Perspective on the Future? Looking at Abstract Art Can Change the Way You Think About Time, a New Study Says

The mind processes abstract art and figurative art very differently, and the experience of viewing one or the other can change the way you think, a new study shows.

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