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Making Art Is Good For Your Health. Here's How To Start A Habit

Whether it's woodworking, sewing or sculpting teeny cupcakes out of bright purple clay, making art is good for your mind and body.

Another Benefit to Going to Museums? You May Live Longer

Researchers in Britain found that people who go to museums, the theater and the opera were less likely to die in the study period than those who didn't.

Cultural Education Plan- A Way Of Implementing Children's Rights to Culture and Arts In Finland

Is culture and arts accessible for all children? Are museums, theatres, and concert halls available also for children? These questions are tackled In Finland with a cultural education plan, which is a comprehensive cultural programme designed for pupils.

Transforming a School Through Arts Integration

Structuring a school around the arts can help students excel academically and develop social and emotional

The Art of Cancer Caregiving: How Art Therapies Can Benefit Those Caring for Cancer Patients

A cancer diagnosis is incredibly stressful for the person receiving the diagnosis. But those caring for the patient,

How Art Can Help Center a Student's Learning Experience

When I visited Maya Lin, an elementary school in Alameda, California where art

Arts Commission Releases New Arts Education Research with Promising Results

The Indiana arts Commission (IAC) released today its newest report on the Partnering Arts,

Art Classes instead of court dates? In low-level cases, Brooklyn DA says yes

People arrested in low-level misdemeanors in Brooklyn will now have the

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