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Public Art Facts for Kids

Public Art Fact for Kids is not just for Kids - it is an introduction to Public Art and its' history...

What techniques are used in art therapy for children?

Art Therapy has proven to be an effective tool for children to express themselves in times of trauma. Read this article to see the benefits and how parents can embrace with their children the rewards.

Benefits of Creative Hobbies: Exploring Arts and Crafts

"Creative hobbies, such as arts and crafts, provide numerous benefits for individuals of all ages."

6 Developmental Benefits of Crafting and Beading for Children

"Beads, arts and crafts, all of it have developmental benefits for your kids!

Federal Advocacy Updates from Americans for the Arts Action Fund

Finishing up 2022 with good news on the funding for the NEA and a look ahead for 2023. Read what is in store for the

New Study on Participation of the Arts

National Endownment for the Arts  just published the 2020 Arts Basic Survey, featuring U.S. & state-level estimates of arts participation rates during the pre-pandemic period of Feb 2019-Feb 2020. Find the report & interactive state map:

How the Arts Impact YOU and your surroundings

American for the Arts introduced a newer version of the Arts + Social Impact Explorer.  This new, expanded explorer gives you the ability to deep dive into the many aspects of your community and its connection to the arts supported by local projects, fact sheet, publications and compelling stories. It not only affects YOU but your surroundings as well.


How The Arts have impacted Prisoners and the system

Great article about The Arts and Prison and relates to the Fact of the

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