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How the Arts Impact YOU and your surroundings

American for the Arts introduced a newer version of the Arts + Social Impact Explorer.  This new, expanded explorer gives you the ability to deep dive into the many aspects of your community and its connection to the arts supported by local projects, fact sheet, publications and compelling stories. It not only affects YOU but your surroundings as well.


How The Arts have impacted Prisoners and the system

Great article about The Arts and Prison and relates to the Fact of the

The Benefits of Arts & Crafts for Children

"While they make a mess, children's craft kits make for brilliant toys. They can help them to explore their artistic talents and creativity as well as many of their core thinking skills.

The Benefits of Sewing and Quilting for Physical and Mental Health

All quilters know that quilitng is a creative art and fun pastime. But did you know that it can enhance your physical and mental health?

The Importance of Making Art Accessible to All Kids

Watch this great video by PBS featuring one artists viral virtual art class is helping kids.

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Creative Handcrafts You Can Enjoy at Home

Exploring home handcrafts is a great way to exercise your creativity, make decorative and functional items, and even alleviate stress.

The health benefits of knitting

"Who knew that such a single activity could provide numerous health benefits. From your physical to psychological wellbeing, a needle and thread has the ability to transform the way we feel and think, one stitch at a time."

Indigenous Artists Voice Support for Land Restitution in New Billboard Campaign

Three decades ago, November was designated Native American Heritage month as a way to honor the original inhabitants of is now the United States.

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