Fact of the Week

Every week we post a fact about why art matters and how art helps children, adults, students and the community to learn, grow and come together.

The Arts help kids accept criticism. A well-run Arts Education program is a place that encourages success through a safe environment. Within that tolerant ecosystem,...www.WeTheParents.org

When arts contents is connected to content in other subject areas...www.Kennedycenter.org

Art used to be an Olympic event. The founder of the modern Games, the Baron Pierre de Coubertin, was enamoured with the idea...www.bluethumb.com

When natural disasters occur, the arts and culture can advance the recovery process.  The arts can help rebuild the development of the community and...www.arts.gov

Fact of the Week #203: Public Art is used as a tool for fostering...www.centerforactivedesign.org

Fact of the Week #202: Drawing is a powerful way to learn, a new study finds. It's better than writing notes, viewing images, or listening to lectures. www.edutopia.org

Fact of the Week #201: Employment of arts and design occupations is projected to grow 4% from 2016 to 2026, slower than the average for all occupations, adding about...www.bls.gov

Fact of the Week #200: Business support to the Arts. With billions in art funding, businesses play a key role in ensuring the health and vitality of the nation's arts sector. www.americansforthearts.org

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