Fact of the Week

Every week we post a fact about why art matters and how art helps children, adults, students and the community to learn, grow and come together.

Fact of the Week #215

State arts agencies (SAA's) support lifelong learning in the arts. By supporting arts education in the schools, state arts agencies foster young imaginations, ...www.nasaa-arts.org

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Fact of the Week #214

Visual art engagement varied based on whether the adults lived in a metro or non-metro area. www.arts.gov

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Fact of the Week #213

Numerous studies have shown that art and music can help soothe chronic pain, stave off symptoms of dementia...www.nytimes.com

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Fact of the Week #212

There are roughly 4.7 million total workers in the broader arts and cultural sectors, artists and non-artists alike. arts.gov

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Fact of the Week #211

"Art and culture have the power to lift up what makes a community thrive." www.frbsf.org

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Fact of the Week #210

"Because we were an immigrant family and I am first-generation, I always had this imbalance of belonging. I think at first it was the language barrier, not speaking English, but then it started becoming about how I look. Artsy.net

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Fact of the Week #209

A large majority of state arts agencies are pursuing at least one program, policy, service or partnership related to serving military and veteran populations through the arts. https://nasaa-arts.org

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Fact of the Week #208

Scientific studies tell us that art heals by changing a person's physiology and attitude. www.artashealing.org

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