Fact of the Week

Every week we post a fact about why art matters and how art helps children, adults, students and the community to learn, grow and come together.

Fact of the Week #158: The arts and culture are intertwined with the infrastructure of a city. Areas that are...citiesspeak.org

Fact of the Week #157: The Arts Foster a Strong Work Ethic. Many students come into art classes with little or no prior experiences in art. The challenges of acquiring new...theartofed.com

Fact of the Week #156: Research is demonstrating that creative expression also contributes to better health..artandhealing.org

Fact of the Week #155:For the military common transitions, such as enlistment, training, or deployment, have an impact on individuals...americasforthearts.org

Fact of the Week #154: Artist communities conduct programs with...arts.gov

Fact of the Week #153: A High-Quality, Visual Arts Education Encourages Meaningful Parental Involvement. The visual arts impact...arteducators.org

Fact of the Week #152: Children who visited a museum during kindergarten had higher achievement scores in reading, ...aam-us.org

Fact of the Week #151: Two-thirds of Canadians engaged in some way with arts and culture in an online environment in the past...canadacouncil.ca

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