Fact of the Week

Every week we post a fact about why art matters and how art helps children, adults, students and the community to learn, grow and come together.

Fact of the Week #246

"As a well-rounded subject area under federal education law, the Every Students Succeeds Act, music and the arts support the social and emotional well-being of students," meartsed

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Fact of the Week #245

Arts have the ability to lift one's life from homelessness to a life of stability...nextcity.org

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Fact of the Week #244

"The sustainability and fragility of our environment- the world that surrounds us and everything we rely on to survive- is crucial. www.americansforthearts.org

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Fact of the Week #243

Studies have shown that the visual arts have a positive impact on a student's ability to...www.publicschoolreview.com


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Fact of the Week #242

COVID19 Social Study was conducted by the University of London and found that 30 minutes of participation in an arts activity...www.bloomberg.org

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Fact of the Week #241

"States, Schools, Communities, Organizations and other Agencies can implement arts education focused programs...www.ecs.org

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Fact of the Week #240

Public Art not only can aesthetically transform a neighborhood but can also....www.therepublic.com

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Fact of the Week #239

"With COVID-19 still creating havoc on the educational system, teachers have been turning to museums as an added resource to educate not only to for the arts itself but to teach children....www.news.artnet.com

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