Fact of the Week

Every week we post a fact about why art matters and how art helps children, adults, students and the community to learn, grow and come together.

Fact of the Week #52: Art Therapy is used in cases of sexual abuse. As a relatively new but extremely effective method for helping abused children through trauma, it is especially useful for children because it is often difficult for them to...www.eyesonnews.com

Fact of the Week #51:Michicgan State University research shows that many accomplished scientists are likely to be craftspeople. Exposure to crafts and art plays an important role in nurturing the innovative thinking of ... www.enterprise.vnews.com

Fact of the Week #50: The arts are used by the U.S. Military to promote troop force and family readiness, ...www.blog.artsusa.org

Fact of the Week #49: The arts can reach a diversity of learners. Not every child learns in the same way. The arts by..www.kennedy-center.org

Fact of the Week #48: "Design Thinking" (as defined and adopted by consensus at the National Design for Thinking Institute in Philadelphia, August 6-9, 1998) is an inventive process, through which

Fact of the Week #47: Arts Mean Business...The Creative Industries are arts businesses that range from nonprofit museums, symphonies and theaters to for-profit film, architecture, and design companies. A 2015 analysis...... www.blog.artsusa.org

Fact of the Week #46: Young people are more creatively engaged in the arts than other Australians. www.artfacts.australiacouncil.gov.au

Fact of the Week #45: Museums across America are undertaking expansive and creative efforts to make art accessible and engaging for people with disabilities. www.ovationtv.com

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