Fact of the Week #128: Arts improve individual well-being. 63 percent of the population believe the arts "lift me up beyond every day experiences," 64% percent feel..americansforthearts.org

Fact of the Week #127: Arts unify communities. 67 percent of Americans believe..americansforthearts.org

Fact of the Week #126: Arts experiences that build students' appreciation..kennedy-center.org

Fact of the Week #125: The arts are a hallmark of state innovation. The arts are part of a state's creative capacity, spurring innovation..nasaa-arts.org

Fact of the Week #124: The student develops and organizes ideas from the environment. In art...dentonisd.org

Fact of the Week #123: Art helps make connections. Various connections between..edutopia.org

Fact of the Week #122:Artistic Literacy is critical to a child's..nationalartsstandards.org

Fact of the Week #121: Art Access is linked to better health, safety, and education in lower-income neighborhoods. These include..artsy.net

Fact of the Week #120: Differences in arts participation rates between adults in urban..arts.gov

Fact of the Week # 119: According to the National Governors Association's report, How States Are Using Arts & Culture to Strengthen Their Global Trade Development, state governments find that including..americansforthearts.org

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