Opus Inspires Creativity with New Video

"The inner critic is something every creative person struggles with and yet so many feel like they are the only one. We wanted people to know they weren't alone. 

Van Gogh's words express the way past a creative block so beautifully and they generated the idea that showing a myriad of artists illustrating them would offer others a feeling that they too could silence this voice, in whatever medium they wished.

As a resource for creative individuals, Opus provides our customers the means to create through sharing knowledge and selling art materials. We aim to go a step further, to create community as well, with inspiring and empowering videos such as By All Means Create and the series By All Means Create with… that followed it."

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Namta has once again became a sponsor for the Mid-Carolina Region of the Scholastic Art Awards. This is the nations' longest running, most prestigious recognition program for creative teens.

Our sponsorship allows for the gold key winners art work to be featured on billboards in the Charlotte NC area, Namta's headquarters. These future artists are recognized for their talent, creativity and perseverance especially during these difficult times. Their art is a testament to their passion for the arts.

See additional winners : https://coaa.uncc.edu

There is unprecedented enthusiasm among young art collectors today for discovering local artists. www.artworkarvhive.com

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