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Hot Wire Foam Factory Helps Artist Create Fortress-of-Solitude Super Girl Costume

Hot Wire Foam Factory was recently approached by artist Cory Hunt who was working with a non-profit organization called The Magic Wheelchair. Cory had a project to do and needed to get it done fast! Foam was his medium of choice and How Wire jumped at the chance to help in his quest. In 3 short weeks, their new found artist friend created a Fortress of Solitude Super Girl costume for a little girl named Zoe (pictured below). 

From the good people at Hot Wire Foam Factory -  "Our story is short in that we were able to participate from a distance by donating a kit, but it made us proud to know we could help in a small way to make a big difference. This tool kit will go on to make many other projects. We hope this story encourages others to be open to saying YES and making magical moments for people you may never even meet."

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