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Artograph Light Boxes for Vets, Elderly and the Young

Don Dow, CEO and owner of Artograph, celebrated his 39th anniversary with the company this month and looks forward to soon beginning his 5th decade in the art materials world. Coming into Artograph, a maker of tools for artists since 1947, Don brought a strong sense of advocacy for art education, having been a high school art teacher.

This connection to art education remains with Artograph to this day as the company frequently donates art materials to schools and art education programs. This support has gone to programs as diverse as a veterans’ art center in Colorado, to a program in Oklahoma to which Artograph donated a large quantity of light boxes for use in art therapy for the elderly to aid in fighting memory loss, and a charity arts center in southern California. Recently, a struggling rural school in North Carolina received a donation of Artograph products to support their efforts to revive their art classes. Their teacher said the students were unused to having new, high quality art materials to work with and were thrilled with the tools Artograph sent.

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