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Artists helped lift America out of the Great Depression. Could that happen again?

As unemployment soars, the WPA's emphais on artists shows a path toward recovery.  In the 1930s a part of Franklin Roosevelt's New Deal and its Works Progess Administration effort, the federal government hired more than 10,000 artists

Everything You Should Know About Art Therapy Excercises

Therapy is an often underrated method of healing and self-improvement.

Brain research show the arts promote mental health

Brain research show the arts promote mental health- During self-isolation due to coronavirus many are turning to the arts.

During Economic Highs and Lows, the Arts Are Key Segment of U.S. Economy

Each State has Unique Arts Profile- According to the latest data issued today by the Bureau of Economic Analysis and the National Endowment for the Arts, the arts remain a vital component of the U.s. economy.

Education Matters: Arts helping students expand their minds

You may have seen the heartwarming videos of Italians confined to their homes due to the coronavirus singing from their balconies -

Do Field Trips Help Students with Learning?

Trips to museums are part of many children's education in the United States.

Making Art Is Good For Your Health. Here's How To Start A Habit

Whether it's woodworking, sewing or sculpting teeny cupcakes out of bright purple clay, making art is good for your mind and body.

Another Benefit to Going to Museums? You May Live Longer

Researchers in Britain found that people who go to museums, the theater and the opera were less likely to die in the study period than those who didn't.

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