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Below is a list of news articles that we've found highlight the advancement of art and the use of art to build business and help the community.

Can Kickstarter save arts education? Nearly one in 10 U.S. secondary schools has no music program. Eleven percent don’t teach art. More than half have cut theater. Nine in 10 have cut dance.

Despite overwhelming evidence that arts education correlates with higher graduation rates, better college performance and future success in the workplace, shrinking school budgets and strict curriculum standards keep restricting the time that teenage students spend exploring their creative sides.

A New Muralism Growing: Spotlight On Jersey City And "Savage Habbit"-An important part of the Street Art Ecosystem is the mural and right now we are in the midst of a mural revolution

City of Reading One of 66 National Endowment for the Arts "Our Town" Projects Selected Nationwide- The City of Reading will receive $75,000 in an National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) grant to implement a public art initiative

BEHIND THE STORY How do you quantify arts education- Recently on TC Daily Planet, I wrote about the disheartening phenomenon of music being dropped from the


"Art Everywhere" Launches in Times Square- New Yorkers in Time Square today (August 4) will be the first to enjoy the fruits of a coast-to-coast US Program Known as "Art Everywhere"

Study Says Making Art Is Good For Your Brain, And We Say You Should Listen - "Art washes away from the soul the dust of every life," so Pablo Picasso once famously proclaimed.

Art is Freedom - a recent high school grad says public schools need more art education

Tony Bennett: "HIre More Art Teachers Now" - According to the Daily News, Tony Bennett and his wife,Susan Benedetto, say that "the only way to make lasting gains for disadvantaged New Yorkers on this critical educational front" is by hiring more art teachers. Mayor de Blasio seems to agree. Last month, he added $23 million in arts education funding to the city's annual budget- which is a step in the right direction after the recent years of art cutbacks.

Teaching Artists Help a School District Restore Arts Education - Can the work teaching artists do in school districts impact a district’s long-term arts programming?  Absolutely!, as illustrated by the Twin Rivers Unified School District in northern Sacramento, California.

Taking Note: The Arts and Subjective Well-Being Measurement - At a social science research gathering a few years ago, I was treated to a dazzling series of presentations about the measurement of subjective well-being. I saw results from life-satisfaction surveys and findings from  time-use  diaries that attempted to record the daily experiences people regard as the most or least pleasurable.

Harvesting Local Art : Arts Organizers follow community-supported models to create and dispense locally produced art

Committee On The Arts And Humanities Announces Expansion Of Turnaround Arts Program -Committee On The Arts And Humanities Announces Expansion of The President’s Committee on the Arts and the Humanities (PCAH) will expand its successful a program designed to help turn around low-performing schools, narrow the achievement gap, and increase student engagement through the arts, announced the committee’s co-chairs, George Stevens Jr. and Margo Lion today.

Art a Helpful Tool to Lift Sick Kids’ Spirits - Boredom is an unforgiving enemy for children spending time in hospital, but a Penetanguishene girl is giving them a hand with their fight.

Michelle Obama Promotes Art Education - Making a forceful plea about the role of arts in education, first lady Michelle Obama on Tuesday argued arts education isn't something to be introduced in schools after student test scores go up, but is a critical part of better test performance in the first place.

The Indispensable Need for Art Education - Being a pursuit based on creativity and problem solving skills, art improves the overall performance of an individual in various facets of life.

Milwaukee Public School System to Boost Art, Music and Physical Education -

Mind the gap: bridging the creative industry and education divide -

Learn about the New National Visual Arts and Media Arts Standards -

Arts Advocacy Wave Hits Washington -

Art Therapy Key To Recovery For Accident Victim -

Art for All: Local group gives time, talents to promote art education and charity - Leader & Kalkaskian

New Jersey is first state in the country to require arts education - Americans For the Arts

Top 10 Reasons to Support the Arts in 2014 - Artsblog

Business and the Arts: Why they need each other (from the pARTnership Movement) - ARTSblog

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