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Letter Amend SB1 to support arts education- "Art does not solve problems, but makes us aware of their existence,"



We Are in the Midst of a Crisis of Higher Education in Art, and Now's the Pefect Time to Reform It- A series of events in recent years indicates that higher

Arts Education Is Growing in NYC Public Schools- art classes are often the first to be sacrificed from school curriculums when

EXCLUSIVE: Report says art education in New York City public schools are paying off- The city's efforts to boost art instruction in the public schools are paying off, a report by the

Director of Arts Education Partnership Sandra Ruppert: Integrating Arts in The Classroom Is Catching On Nationally: While some reports have shown that many districts can't afford comprehensive arts education, other recent 

Educating at the Intersection of Art and Technology- The last few weeks have been a celebration of sorts of the life and works of Steve Jobs,

Inner-City Arts Empowers Underserved Kids in Los Angeles to Discover Purpose Through Expression - With even steeper cuts to federal funding, intense debates continure regarding the removal of art

How a Public Art Fest Made a Real Change In a Detroit Neighborhood - A public art festival that brought dozens of murals to a Detroit neighborhood last week also sparked a subtler, but no less inspiring,

Join Me in Celebrating National Arts In Education Week!- Throughout my 30 years at Americans for the Arts, I have seen first-hand the profound impact that the arts have on children's lives.

3 STORIES THAT REVEAL HOW IMPORTANT ARTS EDUCATION REALLY IS - The arts have always had a secondary place in K-12 learning. If you doubt that statement, think of the first programs to go whenever budget cuts are implemented – music, fine arts and even physical fitness which includes dance. I’ve yet to hear of a school board or administrators discussing the way cutting math programs could help the school’s bottom line. There is a hierarchy of academics in America, and arts education tends to fall pretty low on the totem pole.

Let’s look at three notable events that show the state of arts education in America and what that reveals about our society.

Top 10 skills children learn from the arts - You don’t find school reformers talking much about how we need to train more teachers in the arts, given the current obsession with science, math, technology and engineering (STEM), but here’s a list of skills that young people learn from studying the arts.

How the Arts Develop the Young Brain - 

Every culture on this planet has art forms. Why is that? Neuroscientists continue to find clues as to how the mental and physical activities required for the arts are so fundamental to brain function.

Certain brain areas respond only to music while others are devoted to initiating and coordinating movement from intense running to the delicate sway of the arms. Drama provokes specialized networks that focus on spoken language and stimulate emotions. Visual arts excite the internal visual processing system to recall reality or create fantasy with the same ease.

Art, Medicine, and a Real Education- More and more doctors today are using methods taught in art class to help diagnose their patients.


Senate Passes Act That The Arts Are Considered Core Subjects - On July 16, the United States Senate passed its bipartisan Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) reauthorization proposal, the Every Child Achieves Act (S. 1177), by a count of 81 to 17, according to a press release distributed by NAfME. This is a huge step for the students currently attending schools. This act allows any student from any school in the nation to learn the magic of Arts Education. Also with this step, the Senate has acknowledged that with the No Child Left Behind Act, the current school curriculum is narrowing its field and is actually dismissing Arts Education as a whole.

The Incredible Ways Art Is Helping Charleston Unite After Church Massacre

Early last week, a few artists painted murals on the walls of a warehouse around a vacant lot in Charleston, South Carolina, preparing for a celebration intended to fill the neglected space with sunlight, art and joy.

Then they learned about the racist attack at Emanuel AME Church, a historic black institution, that killed nine residents of their city.

Reeling from shock and sorrow, leaders of the community arts nonprofit organizing the event had to decide whether to cancel festivities planned for the solstice. It was a clear choice, Enough Pie executive director Cathryn Zommer told The Huffington Post.

“We felt that more than ever, the community needed to come together,” Zommer said. They added a vigil with candle lighting, songs and prayer. Artists made changes to their pieces. On Saturday, people gathered for an experience that mixed joy with sorrow, surrounded by art.

TURNAROUND:ARTS creating success in schools- The President's Committee on the Arts and the Humanities (PCAH) will expand its successful Turnaround Arts initiative into five additional school districts, as the program continues to successfully

Art, Policy, and Wellness - What would a policy that incorporates our ideas of medicine look like? On Friday, May 1, Artist Roundtable (A.RT) sought to answer this question during its third event, hosted by the World Policy Institutes's Arts-Policy Nexus.

HAPPIER STUDENTS, HIGHER SCORES: THE ROLE OF ARTS INTEGRATION - The arts have always had a secondary place in K-12 learning. If you doubt that statement, think of the first programs to go whenever budget cuts are implemented – music, fine arts and even physical fitness which includes dance. I’ve yet to hear of a school board or administrators discussing the way cutting math programs could help the school’s bottom line. There is a hierarchy of academics in America, and arts education tends to fall pretty low on the totem pole.

Stories, art help students explore legacy of residential schools - There are few things that can silence a group of 400 chattering school students.

But the moment the Mountain Soul drummers pounded their sticks on a giant drum covered with buffalo hide, the children circled around them stopped talking.

They had come from five northern Alberta communities to a gym in Calling Lake to learn about their country’s past and absorb ideas their teachers hope will shape a different future.

Probing Question: Is art an essential school subject? For decades, "reading,writing, and 'rithmetic" were considered the most fundamental subjects in American K-12 schools. These days, in order to  boost our nation'

The How's and Why's of Going 'Full STEAM Ahead' In Your Classroom- Giving children the tools to succeed in a rapidly changing technology-based economy is the key to ensuring their future success. Making sure

Museum Directors and Educators Unite to Help Integrate Art in Classrooms-The Department of Education and museum directors gathered last week to discuss how museums can be helpful in teaching art instruction beyond just.... 

Support the arts- John F. Kennedy once said, "We must never forget that the arts are not a form of propaganda, they are a form of the truth. And the

More special needs schools using arts to help students: MORE publicly funded special needs schools are embracing the arts, amid growing recognition that children with autism and other learning disabilities learn better

ABOUT ART - By Janice Guinan: National organization helps artists in their journey- Artists like other professionals, need to set goals and plan their careers in order

The Arts and Arts Education Are Part of the Solution - We are in a springtime of mixed messages in America. Some graduation ceremonies feature stories of great opportunity by commencement speakers, while others are solemn events where graduating seniors are simply

Do the arts go hand in hand with Common Core? - Fourteen-year-old Zarria Porter spends her days surrounded by fine works of art. On her way to dance and computer classes, she passes through a sun-drenched lobby showcasing Georgia O’Keeffe’s “Brooklyn Bridge,” Albert Bierstadt’s “In the Mountains” and her personal favorite, “Song of the Towers” by Aaron Douglas.

This is Zarria’s middle school. It is modeled after elite private prep schools, filled with high-quality reproductions of famous paintings from around the world. But Zarria is a student in Brownsville, Brooklyn, one of New York City’s poorest and most crime-ridden neighborhoods, and her school is a public charter.

Ohio Board of Education votes to remove mandate for art, gym teachersOhio's state education board approved a policy change Monday that opponents argued could gut elementary school music, art, nursing and counseling offerings statewide.

Zimbabwe: Why Most Visual Artists Are Poor: I would like you to imagine the following scenario. A business person calls a plumber and asks the plumber to do some work for

Arts Education Poised for Comeback in Nation's Largest School Districts - After years of budget cuts, and a narrowing of curriculum at public schools across the country, urban school districts, such as New York and Chicago, are taking bold steps to expand the school day curriculum and once again invest in arts education.

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