Why Art Matters

Fact of the Week #87: Bringing art into public or offbeat spaces, .www.impatientoptimists.org

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Fact of the Week #86:"The power is in the art making process, in how the artist engages with the art being made. www.lesley.edu

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Fact of the Week #85: The arts are a business magnet. A strong arts sector stimulates business activity, attracting www.americansforthearts.org

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Fact of the Week #84: Art Therapy "helps people resolve conflicts, improve interpersonal skills, ...www.arttherapy.org

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Fact of the Week #83: The arts teach students that SMALL DIFFERENCES can have...www.arteducators.org

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Art In The News

Michelle Obama secures a post-White House future for her school arts program - One of Michelle Obama’s key arts programs will continue after she leaves the White House. Management of Turnaround Arts, started five years ago to bring high-quality music, theater, dance and visual arts instruction to underperforming schools, will be housed at the Kennedy Center and carry its imprimatur. washingtonpost.com


Why Schools Must Incorporate More Arts Learning - Research has indicated that arts inclusion increases science and math comprehension. It has been documented that students not only enhance their creativity but also their linguistic skills and self-confidence when exposed to the arts. Schools all across the country are incorporating more art education into all subjects to aid students in becoming well rounded learners. Since traditional "art" classes are some of the first to take a hit when budgets are slashed, every other subject area can benefit from finding ways to create learning opportunities using visual, performing, and written arts. blogs.edweek.org

Arts Literacy: Why We Must Change The Tune - At the end of last year, educators across the U.S. celebrated as President Barack Obama signed into law the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA), which included for the first time a nod to the power of the arts in creating a well-rounded education.

While we have the rare opportunity to make arts education shine brighter than ever, we have a long road ahead of us. The arts have been whittled away at in public schools for over two generations, especially in urban areas deeply affected by budget cuts. As a result, we’ve created an entire generation that is artistically illiterate. huffingtonpost.com

"Hidden Wonders Exhibit gives Dementia patients Art Outlet -'"Hidden Wonders: Artworks from the Visual Arts Study" gives art patrons a chance to see how the visual arts can benefit patients of dementia..www.uknow.uky.edu

Canada News

Shaping a New Future - Read "Shaping a New Future," our new 5-year Strategic Plan. We believe that arts and culture are an essential part of our belonging – to our community, country, society, and to humanity itself. Download the strategic plan.

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Newfoundland Arts Cuts Could Be Taste of What's to Come- The worldwide crash in oil prices is affecting much more than simply mutual funds and...www.canadianart.ca

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Arts Sector Delighted by the Support for Arts & Culture in the 2016 Budget - March 22, 2016 – The Canadian Arts Coalition (CAC) is extremely satisfied to see the government commit in the 2016 Federal Budget to the doubling of the Canada Council for the Arts operating budget by 2020. This represents $550 million in an overall $1.87 billion commitment to arts and culture over five years. For the last decade, the CAC has advocated for the doubling of the Canada Council’s operating budget. Budget 2016 achieves this goal and represents an important milestone for the arts sector and for Canadians. www.canadianartscoalition.com

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A look ahead to 2016 - Our last post looked at the big events in arts and culture politics and policy in 2015.  It included some big wins for the sector.

Here’s our look ahead to 2016, the last year in the road to 2017.

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